06 Jun 2000

About This Site…

Tom DonoghueThis website was created to complement Photographer Tom Donoghue’s gallery of celebrity, entertainment and event images as captured by Tom while on assignment in recent years.

Tom Donoghue is a well-known and respected still photographer who calls Las Vegas home.

Where better for an entertainment and event photographer to maintain his base of operation than the “Entertainment Capital Of The World,” one of two popular monikers held by Las Vegas… the other being “Sin City.”

For decades Tom has captured images of faces familiar to most of us… household names per se’ and his work has appeared in publications around the world.

Experience, an artistic eye and a personal dedication to producing the highest quality images possible have raised Tom’s photographic craftmanship to an extraordinary level… one respected, appreciated and in high-demand by his famous-faced clientele as well as their ever-demanding supporters and fans.

An avid sports fan, Tom gets visibly excited when he talks about some of his favorite assignments, many of which include thousands of race photos captured at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the Grand Opening and subsequent events held at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas and then there’s the assignment that brings tears of joy to any sports fan’s eyes… The Super Bowl.

That’s right, one of Tom’s most exciting and challenging photo assignments was Super Bowl XLII.

Tom’s favorite tool of choice is any number of Nikon cameras and lenses he has owned over the years. Exclusively a Nikon user, Tom even goes so far as to proudly display his affection for his camera of choice in the personal slogan he uses as his signature in his emails to clients and friends, “Photographs Are Experiences Captured With Nikon.”

Tom is always at-the-ready when it comes to sharing technical and product related information with other photographers, even those who may not use Nikon cameras. Tom’s a sensible man, he understands there are other cameras out there and they may take excellent photos, but… but… They’re just not Nikons!

Nikon users understand!

Be sure to check out photos of all of these events at Tom’s Flash-Based, “Donoghue’s Gallery“.