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02 Mar 2008

Tom Donoghue Captures The Action At Las Vegas Motor Speedway

lvmsLas Vegas photographer Tom Donoghue did the impossible… He stopped 36 racecars traveling at 210 mph instantly in their tracks without a single dent, ding or injury.

That’s right… a scene straight from the stage of Magician David Copperfield, Donoghue froze every car in it’s tracks…

How you might ask? With award winning, spectactual skill and technique… not to mention a Nikon camera or two.

You see, Tom Donoghue is a still photograper whose amazing images have graced covers and pages of magazines and newspapers around the world.

Tom’s trained eye, skilled application of photographic technique allows him to capture some of the most beautiful celebrities, events and yes… even a few race cars blazing along at 210 miles per hour.

For a sample of Tom’s photographic portfolio visit his new website at where you will find a mixture of famous people and extraordinary events captured by photographer Tom Donoghue.